Speaking Engagements

Bill can be a knock- out speaker at your important function. He will tailor his talk to your group’s needs, its interests or theme. Both motivational and informative, Bill has spoken before groups of all types lacing his talks with humor and real life experiences. Who else has been punched by a wild gorilla (in a very private area, no less), had a tapir (a South American relative of the rhino) fall in love with him, run up to lion and swam with sharks? Or, who has faced deadly floods, out of control wildfires and coups?Bill has led tours to all seven continents, over 125 countries and all 50 states. He knows the politics, people, architecture, culture and wildlife. He can talk on a wide range of topics from travel to conservation, from culture to the wonders of the world and from world politics to how the average person lives. He can give motivational speeches or world business talks for a business luncheon. He will inspire and entertain. For information on Bill’s schedule, call 847.543.6729.